Healthcare Benefits

Expense Description How much will Marram reimburse? How much can I request? Period
Maximum per family
GP visit Consultation with a registered GP. Exclusions 60% $400 Per calendar year
Prescription Medication prescribed by a registered GP. Exclusions 60% $400 Per calendar year
Specialist or surgical Consultation with and treatment by a registered specialist (registered on the Medical Council of New Zealand). This includes surgeons, anaesthetists, obstetricians, hospital beds, hospital charges, lab tests, minor operations, mole maps, MRI, scans and ultrasounds. Exclusions 60% $2,500 Per calendar year
Physiotherapy Costs for Physiotherapy. Exclusions 60% $300 Per calendar year
X-ray Costs for x-ray. Exclusions 60% $250 Per calendar year
Medical equipment Cost of personal medical equipment. Exclusions 60% $250 Per calendar year
Disability support Assistance for people diagnosed with a mental or physical disability. Your medical practitioner should confirm the disability in a letter that is no more than 12 months old. We'll consider reimbursement to help you manage the disability, such as personal equipment and educational support and activity programmes. Exclusions 60% $600 Per calendar year
Alternative therapy Consultation fees for osteopaths, chiropractors, naturopaths, dieticians and nutritionists, audiologists, homeopaths, psychologists, podiatrists, acupuncturists, iridologists, therapeutic massage and Chinese medicine. Exclusions $20 (per visit) $200 Per calendar year

Expense Description How much will Marram reimburse? How much can I request? Period
Maximum per person
Optical care Consultation fees for an optometrist and the cost of contact lenses or glasses. You need to provide a prescription from your Optician to match the prescription for contact lenses purchased online. Exclusions 100% $250 Per 2 years from first receipt
Oral surgery Costs of oral surgery performed by a dentist or oral surgeon. This includes root canals (tooth number needs to be provided), surgical removal of impacted or un-erupted wisdom teeth, and treatment for cysts, tumours, ulcers and abscesses.  Exclusions 60% $250 (per tooth) Per 2 years from first receipt
Orthodontic Costs of orthodontic treatment. 60% $600 Overall treatment
Hearing aid Costs of hearing aids. Exclusions 100% $400 per year
Ambulance Cost of transportation by ambulance. $50 $250 per year
Terminal illness grant Your specialist should provide written details about your illness, and confirm that it’s terminal and can't be treated. $1,000 one off
Funeral grant Please provide a tax invoice and funeral receipt. $1,000 one off
Distance treatment grant Requests will only be considered if the treatment is unavailable in your home town, the travel distance exceeds 200 kms (return) and treatment requires at least one week in hospital. Your specialist should provide written details to support your request. $500 one off
Convalescent holiday A one-week convalescent stay in a Marram Holiday Home while you recover from an injury or illness. To be eligible, you should've been absent from work for at least four weeks. Your stay must be taken prior to seeking reimbursement and reimbursement must be applied for directly after your holiday. (Doesn't include Service or Clean Surcharges). $320 one off

All healthcare benefits are provided at the absolute discretion of the Marram Community Trust Board of Trustees and special conditions and exemptions may apply.

Please remember that this is assisted healthcare - giving basic healthcare support. Marram updates its website regularly. However,  there are always new treatments and medications being used that may not be detailed. Please refer to a list of exclusions below.


Exclusions per family

GP fees

  • admin fees and charges   
  • herbal/natural remedies   
  • immigration checks   
  • overseas medical treatment   
  • travel consultations, medicals and vaccinations performed by The Travel Doctor
  • elective treatment


  • admin fees and charges   
  • drugs:        
    • non prescribed drugs           
    • online/overseas purchases           
    • over-the-counter purchases     
  • medication prescribed while overseas.

Specialist or surgical consultations

  • abortion   
  • blood, urine and hair tests relating to heavy metals   
  • breast reduction surgery   
  • cosmetic treatment and plastic surgery   
  • elective treatment and surgery   
  • fentons repair   
  • fertility treatment   
  • gastric banding   
  • guest meals and telephone accounts while in hospital   
  • immigration test
  • laboratory admin fees   
  • laser red vein treatment   
  • obstetrics        
    • DVD                       
    • elective tests           
    • post-natal accommodation                 
  • overseas medical treatment


  • immigration   
  • dental


  • physio supplies and incidental materials   
  • tape   
  • physiotherapy classes

Medical equipment

  • anti-snoring mechanisms   
  • breast pump machines   
  • orthotic shoes  
  • expenses relating to:        
    • accessories          
    • batteries          
    • maintenance costs
  • hireage and purchase of:        
    • blood pressure machine           
    • breast pump machine           
    • crutches           
    • nebulisers           
    • surgical heart monitors           
    • post-surgery equipment

    Disability support

  • assistance for personal care (such as showering) or home care (such as cleaning)
  • non prescribed over the counter/online purchases

Alternative therapy

  • beauty massage   
  • chiropractor x-rays   
  • life coaching   
  • remedies and ointments   
  • therapy accessories

Exclusions per person

Optical care

  • laser eyesight correction   
  • overseas purchases

Oral surgery

  • apicoectomy   
  • all treatments relating to dentures   
  • dental:        
    • crowns           
    • examinations           
    • extractions           
    • filling of cavities           
    • hygienist           
    • periodontal treatment           
    • prescriptions           
    • x-rays
  • extraction of teeth relating to:        
    • abscess           
    • cyst           
    • tumour           
    • ulcer

    Hearing aids

  • maintenance   
  • repairs   
  • batteries


  • fax charges   
  • loss of income due to illness   
  • missed appointment charges   
  • pharmacy charges  
  • treatment provided more than 12 months ago   
  • treatment incurred within the three-month stand down period   
  • unpaid accounts