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NOTRIPHOBIA - (The fear of having no trip booked)

It’s a thing apparently. But for the Marram whanau it needn’t be a concern.

Winter’s just around the corner it’s true - but with the temperate climate we enjoy here in Aoteoroa New Zealand, we can still get out and enjoy the best our beautiful backyard has to offer. And there’s plenty!

Just pack the Beanie, fill the keep-cup with warming hot chocolate and go see the country through a different lens.

But hurry and book – we don’t want you missing out on the Marram holiday home of your choice.

And remember Marram has a 100% refund policy if your holiday is affected by a Covid alert level change to 3 or 4.

Yep! None of the Covid concerns others face.  The homes are all thoroughly cleaned before you arrive.

So no Notriphobia for Marram people – the only thing you need to be concerned about is not booking ahead to secure that winter break.