Why contribute to Marram?

There are many reasons why you should contribute to Marram. The choice is yours but we think it’s a pretty smart move!

Choose one of the topics below to find out about what Marram has to offer.

Marram is… well, amazing!

Ok, we’re showing our bias here but what we offer truly is amazing – no exaggeration. Premium holiday accommodation at well-below-market rates and no-questions-asked healthcare support for your whole family.

There are no gimmicks, no gotchas, no up-selling, no fine print to bite you later. Just a charitable trust that exists to benefit you. It’s that simple. For once, it’s not too good to be true.

Marram offers great value

To enjoy all the holiday and healthcare benefits that Marram has to offer, all you need to do is contribute just $7.30 per week. That works out to $14.60 per fortnight or $31.63 per month, depending on how often you get paid. You probably spend more on coffee!

Some employers even subsidise your contribution, so there’s even less to pay.

Marram sorts your healthcare worries

Marram Healthcare helps you with all those worrying healthcare expenses, like seeing your GP, going to the physio or replacing your prescription lenses.

Our reimbursements can also provide for pre-existing conditions.

Marram gives you greater security for less

Although we’re not an insurance company, you can combine Marram Healthcare with any traditional health insurer for even greater security.

Not only that, you get it for a fraction of what it would cost you if you used a health insurer. It’s a great way to provide your family with extra protection while saving money.

Marram keeps the cost of holidays down

Whoever said that great holidays don’t come cheap had clearly never heard of Marram.

As a contributor, you can stay at many of our holiday homes for just $180–$295 per week. Yep, that’s per WEEK, not per night or per person. If you really want a shorter stay, we can do that too. How does $55–80 per night sound?

Still not convinced? Well, if you’re after a truly outrageous bargain, look out for one of our promotional deals. We run them all the time. It’s not unusual to land a holiday home for as little as $80 per week!

Marram has the right holiday home for you

Choose from more than 150 holiday homes in New Zealand’s most sought-after holiday destinations.

So get packing, and start enjoying yourself. The only thing you need to worry about is where you’d like to go to next!

Marram gives you Lifetime perks after you leave!

You can achieve Lifetime Status if:

  • You were employed by our Affiliated Organisation for at least 5 years but have now left
  • You made continuous contributions to Marram for the last 2 years.

As a way to say thanks, we'd like you to keep on enjoying Marram Holiday Homes for life - no further contributions required.  You only pay for the homes you book.  Surcharges apply.

Contribute to Marram now!

For more info, email support@marram.co.nz or call our Support Team on 04 801 2920.