Get involved with the Marram Community Trust!

Set up during World War 2 to provide holiday accommodation and assistance for healthcare, Marram Community Trust is still doing the same today for a fortunate group of New Zealanders.

Get involved by contributing $7.30 per week (or less with a subsidy)

Take care of you and the family with Marram Healthcare

Let us help you with all those worrying healthcare expenses like seeing your GP, going to the physio or replacing your prescription lenses

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Latest Marram News

Holiday Deals !!

We have ramped up the Holiday Deals for the next few weeks.

There are Heaps and Heaps of great locations for as little as $100 for a 5 night stay.

To view the current deals CLICK HERE or look up.

(All deals are for 5 nights only)

17 June 2019

Winter Oulook

Grab a Cuppa and put your feet up the Winter Outlook is here!!

This edition is has Marram through the Ages, Winter wellness tips, Special Deals, Giveaways and much much more.

Click WINTER OUTLOOK to check the new E-version now.

01 June 2019