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Book a home

You simply login to view and book a holiday home.

Click on the HOLIDAYS tab, then follow the prompts.

The Board of Trustees asks that Lifetimers pay a small surcharge for each booking; It's included in the price you pay.

It’s either $10 a night, or weekly surcharges of:

  • $100 for Peak season
  • $35 for Shoulder season
  • $25 for Off peak season

There are three ways to book a holiday home:   

  1. Book a current vacancy
  2. Apply through the ballot
  3. Grab a promotional offer.

Click - Holiday Home Booking Step by Step Guide  if you need help with your booking or email the Support team [email protected].

All homes are cleaned for you at a cost of $65.00 charged to the first night you stay.

Serviced homes include linen, towels and cleaning at a cost of $90.00 charged to the first night you stay.

Any cleaning and tidying up you do is appreciated.