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About Marram

The Marram Community Trust is a group of New Zealanders enjoying exclusive healthcare and holiday accommodation benefits made possible by their generous participation in something quite unique.

The Trust's legacy of care started 75 years ago, focused on providing Manaakitanga in the form of holiday homes for convalescing soldiers and their families after WW2.

MARRAM cares about the people it serves. 

Plenty of businesses claim to have your best interests at heart but it’s a claim that rarely rings true.

Marram isn’t like other organisations.

To start with, it’s not a business, it doesn’t have shareholders or a corporate owner, and it’s not even out to make a profit.

In fact, the only people Marram really reports to are the people in the Marram community – employees of the affiliated organisations and their families.

Marram was founded on the principles of Manaakitanga - caring for others and giving a helping hand when it’s needed.

The only nod to the business world is to maintain financial stability and stay relevant  for the Kaitiakitanga or generations to come.

You can read all about the history of Marram in - A tatou korero – our story -  by clicking the image.

The Marram Team

The Marram team works together to create the best outcomes for the community.

  • Glenn Clark, CEO
  • Debbie Shute, Product Manager
  • Aleisha Penny, Support Team Manager
  • Fiona Van Eyssen, Property Manager
  • Steve Andrews, IT and Marketing Support
  • Hamish Weir, Finance Manager 
  • Naomi Bray, Accounts Administrator
  • Fiona Thomsen, Accounts Administrator 
  • Murray Crombie, Support Team
  • Lesley Krosschell, Support Team
  • Iverson Roache Support Team 
  • Kim Goodin, Support Team
  • Kathryn Carmody, Support Team
  • Victoria Battyanyi Employer Liason
  • Sue Burgin, Content Editor
  • Destina Munro, Design Editor

The Volunteers

Marram’s volunteers are a critical part of the services provided to the community. The volunteers work tirelessly behind the scenes to care for the holiday homes, looking after everything from repairs and maintenance to general upkeep - you name it, they do it! Their aim is to make sure that you, your family and friends have the best possible experience when staying at a Marram holiday home. The holiday homes would not be the same without them.