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About Marram

These days, it’s rare to find an organisation that cares so much about the people it serves. Plenty of businesses claim to have your best interests at heart but it’s an assertion that rarely rings true. It’s a world where businesses clamour for your time and attention and say anything to separate you from your last dollar.

At Marram, we don’t think that’s right.

That’s because Marram isn’t like other organisations. To start with, we’re not a business, we don’t have shareholders or a corporate owner, we’re not even out to make a profit. In fact, the only people we really report to are the people in our community – employees of our affiliated organisations and their families.

Marram was founded on the principles of caring for others and giving a helping hand when it’s needed. We aim to serve our community with passion, excellence, integrity and respect and make a real difference in the lives of those we support.

Our only nod to the business world is to maintain our own financial stability and relevance so we can continue to serve future generations.

The Marram story

The Marram Trust began as a way to provide holiday homes and accommodation to Post Office employees who needed to convalesce and re-establish their lives in New Zealand following World War II.

Marram purchased these first homes using government funding but soon became self-sustaining through the voluntary contributions of Post Office employees. By the mid-1950s, the Trust had expanded considerably, offering 42 homes from the Bay of Islands to Riverton Rocks. By the mid-1960s, it had expanded its charitable programme to help working families with their healthcare expenses.

Sweeping changes came in 1987 when the Post Office split into what we now know as ANZ Bank, NZ Post and Spark. Marram expanded again to support these new organisations, their employees and their employees’ families.

Today, Marram still retains its original charitable objectives. We believe family holidays are an essential, not a luxury. And that access to medical care shouldn’t depend on the size of your wallet.

The well-being of employees and their families continues to be our top priority and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

Our team

The Marram team works together to create the best outcomes for our community.


  • Glenn Clark, CEO
  • Roshni Kishore, Finance Manager
  • Debbie Shute, Product Manager
  • Paula Mackay, Support Team Manager
  • Fiona Van Eyssen, Property Manager
  • Naomi Bray, Accounts Administrator
  • Erica Jones, Accounts Administrator 
  • Murray Crombie, Support Team
  • Lesley Krosschell, Support Team
  • Steve Andrews, Support Team
  • Sarah Tevita, Support Team
  • Kim Goodin, Support Team

Our volunteers

Marram’s nationwide network of volunteers is a critical part of the services we provide to our community. The volunteers work tirelessly behind the scenes to care for our holiday homes, looking after everything from repairs and maintenance to general upkeep - you name it, they do it! Their aim is to make sure that you, your family and friends have the best possible experience when staying at a Marram Holiday Home. Our holiday homes would not be the same without them.