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Marram - How to guides

Please feel free to download the Marram help guides on; Login in Marram online, entering ballots, submitting healthcare requests and booking a holiday home. If you need to an extra hand please feel free to call the Marram team on 04 801 2920.


Contributors - Employees of Affiliated Organisations who are currently contributing to the Trust.

Lifetimer - Past Contributors who have left employment at an Affiliated Organisation and meet the criteria to qualify for Lifetime status to be able to book holiday homes.   An additional surcharge is payable for bookings made.  You will be asked to pay the Lifetime Surcharge applicable at the start of your booking.  The amount payable would be for the cost of the booking at its commencement date.  

Affiliated Organisations - an organisation that has met the Trust criteria. Click here to view the criteria

Ballot - a random draw to allocate homes during school holiday periods for those who have applied. 

Flexi-stays - holiday homes that can be booked on a nightly basis. 

Pet Friendly Homes - holiday homes that will accommodate pets. Located at Maraetai Beach, Westport, Hokitika, Acacia Bay, Wellington South, Cromwell, Paraparaumu and New Plymouth.

Healthcare Assistance - financial assistance for healthcare benefits only available to Contributors. (Lifetimers are not eligible to apply).

Marram Online

Q: How do I create a login?

A: Go to the Home page and Click on Login in the top right hand corner.  Then click on Create Marram Online account.You'll then be led through the steps to create your login.

Q: I have just tried to create a login and it failed? Why is that?

A: There are a number of reasons why your login attempt may have failed. The most common are:

  1. Our records do not match the login data you entered. For example, if on our system your first name is Jonathan and you put your name down as Jon, the system will not recognise you.
  2. Your employer’s Affiliated Organisation name may be different. For example, Business Hub - Tamaki falls under the umbrella of Spark Dealers. Therefore, if you are employed by Business Hub - Tamaki and you enter Spark (New Zealand) as your organisation, the data will not match. The website contains details of all Affiliated Organisations listed.
  3. If you are a new Contributor, you will not be able to create a login until we have received your first contribution.
  4. You entered your details as a Lifetimer when you are actually a Contributor, or vice versa. If you are no longer an employee of an Affiliated Organisation and no longer paying contributions you may be a Lifetimer, providing you meet the Lifetime Status criteria. Please go to the Forms and Downloads to obtain a PDF of the Lifetime Declaration and criteria.

Q: What happens when I've logged in?

A: You'll be able to:

  • View current vacancies
  • View our current promotional offers
  • Book online
  • Enter a Ballot request
  • View detailed descriptions and photos of holiday homes and local attractions

Q: What happens when I click on Health?

A: You'll be able to:

  • View the Healthcare Benefits
  • View guidelines for how to be reimbursed
  • View the list of exclusions
  • View Healthcare Matters.

Q: What happens when I click on About?

A: You'll be able to:

  • Find out about the Marram Community Trust history
  • Find out about the Marram Team and Volunteers
  • Find out which organisations are affiliated with the Marram community
  • Find out if you are eligible to contribute to the Marram community

Q: What can I do under my Profile?

A: Once you've logged in, you can click on any of the drop-down boxes under your name to change details or check your information.

My Profile - you can update:

  • Your personal details
  • Your email preferences
  • Your holiday home preferences

My Holidays - you can check your holidays booked.  You can obtain holiday information that you'll require for any upcoming holidays.

My Ballot requests - you can add/change/remove ballot entries

My Healthcare requests - you can check the progress of any applications for healthcare reimbursements

Change Password - you can update your Password

Healthcare Requests

Q: Do I have to post my Healthcare Requests or can I email them?
A: You can email them to [email protected]. See next question for instructions.

Q: How do I send my receipts via email?
A: You need to complete a Healthcare Request Form and Receipt Summary. (The Receipt Summary must be received by us in Microsoft Word format). Attach both these documents to your email with your scanned receipts.

Q: Can I submit 2 requests at the same time with different bank account numbers?

A:  No, we can only process to 1 bank account per person when paying healthcare requests.

Q: Do my previous maximum healthcare benefit values apply if I have a gap in my employment and then re-sign up to Marram with my same employer or another Affiliated Employer?

A: Yes. The next eligibility date for certain healthcare benefits will have been outlined on a previous remittance advice. The maximum values and eligibility dates will be carried forward in addition to the three month stand-down period. If you are not sure, please contact us.

Q: Can I submit more than one Healthcare Request per year?

A: Yes. You are welcome to submit multiple applications. We recommend you send an application every six months, to avoid the disappointment of having your request declined.

Q: Will my receipts be considered for reimbursement if they are more than 12 months old?

A: No. You must submit your application for reimbursement within 12 months of the first treatment date. If we request any additional information from you, please make sure we receive it within 12 months of the original treatment date, otherwise no reimbursement will be considered.

Q: Can I apply for reimbursement of my healthcare expenses as soon as I’ve filled in the application form?

A: No. There is a three-month stand-down period from the date your first contribution is received.

Q: Can I send in all my EFTPOS receipts for payment?

A: EFTPOS receipts alone are insufficient for reimbursement to be considered, as these do not detail the type of treatment you received. We require a tax invoice specifying the treatment, cost and confirmation of payment before we can reimburse the expense.

Q: When are the healthcare requests paid?

A: The healthcare requests are paid twice per week, usually on a Wednesday and Friday, except for short weeks when only one payment is made on a Thursday.

Q: I put in a healthcare request for reimbursement of my healthcare expenses a week or so ago, yet I have not heard anything about it. What do I need to do now?

A: You should have received an email advising your request has been received. Our aim is to make payment within 10 working days.

Q: What if I forget to put my bank account details on my Healthcare Request form?

A: Please send us an email advising these details. If we do not have your bank account details at the time of processing, your request will be declined.

Q: Can my partner sign the Healthcare Request form on my behalf?

A: No. The Marram Contributor must sign the Healthcare Request form.

Q: Can I submit a Healthcare Request to Marram as well as my healthcare insurer or healthcare benefit provider?

A: Yes. You need to submit your claim with the healthcare insurer or provider first. Once you've been reimbursed, you can send your remittance advice to us to apply for the shortfall or excess to be reimbursed by Marram.  Please note: if you've been fully reimbursed by your healthcare insurer, nothing further will be reimbursed by Marram.

Q: Can I apply for reimbursement of healthcare expenses for my dependent children?

A: Yes you can, up to their 18th birthday.


Q: Can I send a Healthcare Request for loss of income due to illness?

A: No. Marram does not offer financial assistance in the event that a Contributor cannot work due to illness.

Q: If my orthodontic treatment is ongoing, and likely to take longer than three years, can I still be reimbursed for that period?

A: Please submit your orthodontic receipts within 12 months of the first treatment date.  If you have a payment plan, please submit regular receipts for reimbursement so they are within 12 months of the payment being made.

Assistance is provided at 60% of the treatment fees, up to a maximum of $600 per person in total. Once you reach the $600 maximum, you cannot apply for further benefit in the future. There is no time limit within which the treatment must be completed.

Q: Can I send a healthcare request for contact lenses or a pair of glasses if I do not have a change of vision?

A: Yes. You can apply for 100% of total costs for optical assistance, up to a maximum of $250 within a two-year period (per person).

Q: Can online purchases be reimbursed by Marram?

A: Marram does not provide reimbursement for any online purchases, with the exception of glasses or contact lenses (as detailed in the previous question). In that case, we require documentation from your optometrist for the original consultation and details of the prescription. The online purchase also needs to detail the prescription and who it is for.

Q: What if I cannot find the reimbursements I am looking for on your website (for example, for a specific treatment or drug)?

A: New treatments and drugs come into circulation all the time. If you cannot find the information you are looking for please contact us directly by email or phone.

Holiday Homes

Q:  Can I book a home for my visitors/friends/family to stay in?

A:  No.  Absolutely not.  This is considered as sub-letting and breaks the tenancy terms and conditions.  If we find you're not present for the duration of the booking, you'll be banned from booking a home for a period of time.

Q: Where are the pet-friendly homes located?

A: Maraetai Beach, Acacia Bay, New Plymouth, Wellington South, Westport, Cromwell and Hokitika (cleaning included).

Q: Do you allow Assistance Certified Animals in non Pet Friendly homes?

A:  Yes, but you must provide us with a copy of your animal certification before the booking can be made.  To arrange to take an Assistance Certified animal onto Marram property that isn't a designated Pet Friendly home, the booking must be made by phoning or emailing Marram.  Conditions apply.

Q: What is a serviced home?

A: Serviced homes have linen provided and are cleaned at the end of your stay.

Q: What is a cleaned home?

A: These homes are cleaned at the end of your stay. You'll still need to provide your own linen.

Q: What is a flexi-stay home?

A: You can book flexi-stay homes on a night-by-night basis, yet you pay no more than the weekly rate for any single booking. All holiday homes are flexi-stay except for balloted periods.

Q: What is a pet-friendly holiday home?

A: You can bring your domestic pets to our pet-friendly homes. Now the whole family can enjoy a trip away together. 

Q: How many people does each holiday home sleep?

A: Most holiday homes can sleep four adults comfortably. However, in most holiday homes there is also a double sofa-bed. Please remember that a sofa-bed is not a substitute for a normal bed and you should take this into account if you have special sleeping requirements. Exceptions are:

  • Ohakune #1 and #2 sleep up to 10 
  • Ohakune #3 sleeps up to eight 
  • Martinborough #1 sleeps 10 and Martinborough #2 sleeps eight 
  • Haruru Falls #3 and #4 each sleep up to seven
  • Taupo #2 only has one double bed
  • Wellington City Apartments: the three single-bedroom apartments (3A sleeps 3, 3B and 3E) sleep 2; the five two-bedroom apartments sleep up to six (3C and 3G) and up to five (3D, 3Fand 3I).
  • Hamilton sleeps 7
  • Dunedin Westgate sleeps 8

Q: How many weeks can I book in one location?

A: You can only book up to four weeks in one location. Anything more than this will be cancelled with a full refund provided.

Q: What does the holiday home provide

A: All holiday homes are fully furnished. However, you do need to bring sheets, pillow cases, towels, tea towels, toilet paper, soap, washing up liquid and cleaning supplies if you are not staying in a cleaned/serviced home. Beds must not be slept on without linen. Pillows must have pillowcases.

Q: What time can I arrive at the holiday home?

A: Check in time is strictly 2.00pm and check out time is 11.00am. If you have booked a cleaner or the unit is fully serviced, check out time is 10.00am. These times must be adhered to.

Q: How far in advance can I make a holiday home booking?

A: All holiday homes can be booked up to 12 months in advance. If a holiday home is balloted, you cannot book it until after the ballot has been drawn.

Q: Is there a minimum booking period of two nights for Friday and Saturday?

A: No. Flexi-stay holiday homes are available to be booked on a nightly basis, even at weekends.


Q: Can I book two homes for the same date?

A: No. You can only book one holiday home at a time.

Q: What is the maximum number of days I can book for my holiday?

A: 28 days. We limit to this to ensure all our holidaymakers have an opportunity to book holidays.

Q: Can my partner or spouse stay at the holiday home if I can’t make it?

A: Yes. Partners and spouses of Marram Contributors and Lifetimers (which are listed with Marram) can stay at our holiday homes without the Contributor or Lifetimer being present.

Q: Can I change my booking once I have paid for it?

A: No. You can cancel your current booking and book a new home afterwards, but remember that cancellation fees will apply. See Holiday Home Prices for more information.

Q: I won a holiday home prize. What happens to my prize when I leave employment at an Affiliated Organisation?

A: You must take your holiday before your final day of employment, unless you qualify for Lifetime Status.

Q: How do I know what holiday homes are available?

A: You search for current vacancies and book a home once you've logged in.

  1. Select Island
  2. Select Location
  3. Select your Start and End dates
  4. Select Number of Guests
  5. Click on "Find Holiday Homes"

The search results will show you a list of all our currently available homes that match you search criteria.

Q: When I search for a holiday home later this year nothing seems to come up? Why is that?

A: Depending on your search criteria it may take some time to complete your request, so be patient. If you still don’t see any results, try changing your search criteria a little. No search results can also mean our homes are fully booked, which can happen during school holidays and other busy times.

Q: I'm in the process of signing up, can I book a home?

A:  Unfortunately not, people who aren't yet financial Contributors of Marram can't make bookings until we've received the first contribution.

Q: I left employment with an Affiliated Organisation. What happens to my future holiday home booking?

A: As our holiday homes are exclusively for our Contributors or Lifetimers, we will contact you to discuss your booking. If you’ve been made redundant, you may be able to retain your booking. Otherwise, we’ll have to cancel and give you a full refund.

If you’re eligible, we may offer you Lifetime Status, which enables you to keep your booking and continue to use our holidays homes without being employed by an Affiliated Organisation. We ask all Lifetimers to pay an additional surcharge, so that would apply as well.  The rate of the surcharge is applicable from the commencement date of the booking.

The Ballot

Q: What is a balloted holiday home?

A: A balloted home is one of our holiday homes that we’ve made available through the ballot. You cannot book a balloted home until the current ballot has been drawn. Balloted homes include weekly, flexi-stay and pet-friendly homes.

Q: Are all your holiday homes in the ballot?

A: No, although a number are included.

You can book any of our remaining homes up to a year in advance. They’re in some great locations too:

  • Auckland City #1
  • Greytown
  • Hamilton
  • Martinborough #2
  • Ohakune #1, 2 & 3
  • Queenstown #2
  • Wellington City
  • Dunedin Westgate

Q: How many weeks can I book in a ballot?

A: One week.

Q: What rules govern the ballot process?

A: You can find out about our ballot categories and the selection criteria that applies to each category by reading our Ballot Rules.

Q: When is the next ballot?

A: Drawn for all School Holidays. You can refer to the Ballot Schedule for full details. 

Q: How do I enter a ballot request online?

A: We’ve created the Easy Guide to the Ballot to help you make an online ballot request.

You can also get more help by clicking “View help related to this page” while making your ballot request.

To make sure we receive your ballot request, remember to click “Send your request” after you’ve selected your balloted holiday home.

Q: I have tried for several years to get a holiday home in the summer holiday period, but I have never been successful, yet my colleagues have also tried and have been successful each year? Why does that happen?

A: How frustrating! Rest assured though, you’re not doing anything wrong. We do our best to make sure everyone gets the home they want, but it’s not always possible. To answer your question though, there are several reasons why this can happen:

  1. Bad luck – the ballot is drawn by a computer program, which randomly allocates homes to ballot entries (we can’t manipulate the ballot in any way)
  2. High demand – our homes are in very high demand during the popular holiday periods and it’s common for several ballot entries to request the same home at the same time.

You can increase your chances in the ballot by being flexible with your holiday dates and avoiding the busiest periods. We also recommend that you enter several options, (including less popular dates and locations), to improve your chances of success.

Q: When are the most popular periods?

A: Our high demand times are the two weeks during the summer holidays, covering Christmas to New Year and the week after. Easter and school holidays are also popular.

There are also a number of hot-spots, including Mt Maunganui, Whitianga, Ohope Beach, Whangamata and Nelson.

Q: I can’t request Ohakune, Greytown, Hamilton, Auckland City, Dunedin Westgate and Wellington City in the ballot. Why is that?

A: These are not balloted homes.

Q: I have a Ballot Request with 0 lines showing. Why is this?

A: You have either deleted all the request lines that you had previously entered, or you have quit the Ballot Request process before entering any request lines. To fix the problem, you can either enter one or more request lines or delete the Ballot Request and start over.

Q: I want to change ballot preferences, but I’m locked out. What do I do?

A: You can’t change your ballot preferences once you’ve started entering a Ballot Request. To alter your preferences, delete your request, change your preferences, then start over.

Marram Community Trust

Q: Where are the Marram offices located?

A: Ground Floor, 8 Lorne Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6140

Q: When did the Post Office Welfare Trust change its name to Marram Community Trust?

A: The Post Office Welfare Trust was incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 on 11 September 1987. We changed our name to Marram Community Trust on 23 December 2008.

Marram Community Trust remains a registered charitable trust and a not for profit organisation serving the needs of its community. This name change recognises that Marram now has 83 Affiliated Organisations as well as New Zealand Post within its community.


Q: What happens if I decide to stop my contributions, then change my mind and decide to sign up to Marram again?

A: If you have already signed up twice with the same employer, subsequent applications may be declined. If you are in this position, please contact us.

Q: What is the contribution?

A: Your contribution is a regular gift of money to fund the activities of the Trust. We use your contributions to provide you with all of Marram’s products and services. We have other funding sources too, like investment income and the holiday home rental income.

Q: What happens if I no longer work at an Affiliated Organisation?

A: You must arrange to cancel your contributions. If you’re paid via Payroll, your contributions should stop automatically. If you make your contributions via direct debit, let us know you have left employment so that we stop deducting your contributions.

Q: What happens if I go on long-term leave?

A: If you contribute automatically through Payroll, you should make a lump sum contribution before you go on leave. This ensures there is no break in your contributions that could affect your Lifetime Status if you leave employment in the future. We’re happy to help you set this up, so give us a call.

If you contribute through a direct debit, you don’t have to do anything. We’ll continue to deduct your contributions as usual.

Lifetime Status

Q: What is Lifetime Status?

A:  Lifetime Status is given when you were employed by our Affiliated Organisations for at least 5 years, but have now left and you made continuous contributions to Marram for the last 2 years of your employment.

Q: What are the perks of Lifetime Status?

A:  As a way to say thanks, we'd like you to keep on enjoying Marram holiday homes for life - no further contributions required.  You only pay for the homes you book.

Q:  How much does it cost?

A:  We do ask that Lifetimers pay a surcharge for each booking.  How much, depends on the season and length of your stay.  For weekly bookings we ask Lifetimers to pay the following surcharges...

  • $100 for standard season
  • $35 for shoulder season
  • $25 for off peak season

Nightly bookings all incur a $10 surcharge.

Q: I left employment with an Affiliated Organisation. What happens to my future holiday home booking?

A: As our holiday homes are exclusively for our Contributors or Lifetimers, we will contact you to discuss your booking. If you’ve been made redundant, you may be able to retain your booking. Otherwise, we’ll have to cancel and give you a full refund.

If you’re eligible, we may offer you Lifetime Status, which enables you to keep your booking and continue to use our holidays homes without being employed by an Affiliated Organisation. We ask all Lifetimers to pay an additional surcharge applicable at the commencement of the booking.

Cancellation Fees

Q: Do cancellation fees apply to all cancelled bookings?

A: Yes. However, the sooner you tell us you want to cancel your booking, the lower the cancellation fee. The following cancellation fees are deducted from your booking refund. You will not receive a refund if you have already started your stay.

  • 3 weeks or more 10% 
  • 2 - 3 weeks 30% 
  • 1 - 2 weeks 40% 
  • Less than 1 week 60%

Promotions and special deals

Q: What is the Interislander & Rail Journeys Special Promotion?

A: The Interislander & Rail Journeys promotion is a special offer for discounted travel on the Interislander ferry service, Northern Explorer, Coastal Pacific and Tranzalpine rail journeys. The offer is open to Marram Contributors and Lifetimers travelling between 1 February 2020 and 15 December 2020.

If you would like to take advantage of the offer, ensure that you:

  • Make your reservations at
  • Select your mode of transport and complete your travel details. Insert the promo code XMAR1 when asked and this will apply the discount

All the normal conditions of fares apply. For example, an Easy Change fare is 100% refundable if choose to cancel your travel.

You can include your friends and family in your booking, but they must travel with you to be eligible for the discount rate.

One last thing – don’t forget to take your Marram ID with you when you travel. You’ll need to present it when you  check in at the start of your journey. Contact us if you don’t have a Marram ID

Q: What are your Social Media Giveaway Terms and Conditions?

A: Please see below our terms and conditions for all Social Media Giveaways.

  1. Open to current Marram Contributors and Lifetimers residing in New Zealand only
  2. Open to ages 18+ and over
  3. All giveaways are not endorsed by Facebook or Instagram
  4. Marram reserves the right to end a giveaway campaign at any time
  5. Marram reserves the right to use any content provided throughout the campaign across all media channels


Summer Photo Competition


With Christmas done and dusted, it’s time to get out the shorts and jandals, and start sharing your best holiday shots.

A week in a fabulous Marram holiday home up for grabs for three people whose photo’s are judged the best of the summer.

To enter, send your photo with a brief description to: [email protected]

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Only Contributors or Lifetimers are eligible for the Prize
  2. Each winner will be given one week free accommodation in a Marram home (three weeks up for grabs).
  3. Prize cannot be exchanged.
  4. The competition will end on 25th January - Judges decision is final.
  5. All photos entered into the competition may be used by Marram for other promotional material on the Marram FAcebook page or used in other Marram publications.

Referral Promotion

What is the Contributor Referral promotion?

A:   The Referral promotion runs four times per year between specific dates that are promoted.  It's encouraged that employees who are already part of the Marram Community, refer their colleagues who aren't, and can be rewarded with the vouchers on offer for the promotion.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Both Referrer (Existing at Marram) and Referee (New at Marram) are eligible for a voucher of their choice;
  2. Referee must have signed up within the specified referral period; 
  3. Both Referrer and Referee must advise which voucher they'd like within one month of receiving an email;
  4. The voucher is either $40 Z Gift Card or $40 Pak n Save Gift Card or $40 New World Gift Card or $50 Marram Holiday voucher.
  5. Referral applies to new sign-ups - not those who are changing organisations or transferring within the same organisation;
  6. To be eligible, the new sign-up must have contributions started by the end of the month following the promotion closing.