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Healthcare reimbursement

How to Request reimbursement

It’s easy to request a reimbursement from Marram. There are three ways you can do it:

Method 1: Complete the online reimbursement request form

  1. You must be logged into the website to complete the online form.
  2. Visit the Healthcare reimbursement form and complete all sections. You will need to have digital copies of your receipts or invoices. If you complete the form on a mobile phone you will be able to use the phones camera to photograph the invoice or receipt.
  3. Submit the form

Method 2: Complete an email Request

  1. Download a Healthcare Request e-form and complete all sections (including bank account details and signature).
  2. Download a Receipt Summary and type in the details of all receipts relating to this Healthcare Request.
  3. Email to [email protected] the following attachments:
    • Completed Healthcare Request Form (PDF format);
    • Completed Receipt Summary (must be in Microsoft Word format);
    • Copies of fully paid original receipts and invoices (PDF format) to support the items listed in the Receipt Summary;
    • Any Remittance Advice documents from your Health Insurer (if applicable).

NB.  Marram reserves the right to request the hardcopy original receipt to be posted for verification.

Method 3: Complete and post your request

  1.  Download and complete a copy of the Marram Healthcare Request form.
  2.  Next, attach the original copies of your invoices and receipts to the request form. Your receipts should show the names of the medical practitioner and person who underwent the treatment, the date of treatment and the payment in full amount. Insurance-certified copies are ok but unfortunately, we can't accept photocopies, faxes or unsupported EFTPOS receipts. Sorry.
  3.  Post the completed form and all your information to:
    Marram Community Trust  
    PO Box 24006
    Manners Street
    Wellington 6142   

Now comes the good bit; Marram reimburses your healthcare expenses directly into your bank account. We'll try to pay your reimbursement within 10 working days of receiving your request, usually on Wednesday and Friday. 

You’re done!

    Guidelines for healthcare requests

    Just a few things to remember:

    Before you make a healthcare request, make sure you meet all the requirements and have everything you need to get started.

    • You must be a Marram Contributor for at least three months before you make a reimbursement request.  You cannot request reimbursement for expenses incurred within this first three months.
    • We can only grant reimbursement within 12 months of the first treatment date.
    • Always send us your original invoices and receipts.
    • Check that your invoices and receipts clearly show:        
      • who received the treatment
      • the type of treatment
      • the date treatment took place
      • that full payment was made (invoices with PAID stamped on them don’t count!)
    • Unfortunately, we can’t return your invoices and receipts after we’ve paid your reimbursement. If you wish to maintain a record of your requests, please photocopy your receipts before sending us the originals.
    • If you have medical insurance (for example, with Southern Cross or nib), make sure you lodge a claim with them first. That way you can send us your remittance advice with your reimbursement request.
    • We can’t reimburse dependent children if they are aged 18 or over.
    • You need to provide your own bank account details every time you make a request.
    • The Healthcare Request form must be signed by the Contributor. 
    • GP’s and specialists must be registered on the Medical Council of New Zealand’s Medical Register.