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Sustainability at Marram

Environmental sustainability at Marram

Marram Community Trust is committed to supporting our beneficiaries to improve environmental sustainability, providing value and delivering in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, helping our people to be better and advancing the communities in which we operate.

We realise our choices and actions matter today and in the future, so we’re taking action to reduce our negative impact on the planet and maximise our positive impact on our communities.

Marram’s commitment to sustainability

Our purpose at Marram is to shape a world where people and communities thrive. We're focused on integrating our purpose into our business strategy.

Over the next five years and beyond Marram is committed to invest in Marram’s environmental sustainability approach and have in place the following initiatives on three key areas –

  • Financial Healthcare wellbeing
  • Holiday wellbeing
  • Environmental sustainability

Financial Healthcare wellbeing

Sometimes staying healthy isn’t cheap and that’s where Marram Healthcare comes in. With more than $6,400 available to you and your family every year Marram takes the worry out of staying healthy so you can get on with what’s important – living well and enjoying life.

Includes your family at no cost.  Get 60% back on most healthcare expenses.

  • Encouraging electronic requests – phasing post/paper out completely
  • More messaging on the importance of well-being and healthy living
  • Review and add new benefits that are relevant to our beneficiaries

Holiday wellbeing

Sustainable travel can come with a higher price tag to reflect the work being done by operators to reduce their negative impacts and increase their contributions to their community. Marram offers low-cost holiday options which can be regenerative, holidaying close to home. Marram provides over 150 holiday homes throughout NZ.

Over the next five years new properties will be added to the holiday portfolio for your benefit.

Environmental sustainability

Energy efficient homes are better for you and the environment. Marram is committed to improving energy efficiency in all holiday homes and our business. We’re proud of what we’ve already achieved and continue to invest in future initiatives as below:-

  • EV chargers selected locations
  • NZ made furniture from natural products
  • NZ made carpet, flooring, from natural products
  • Upcycling where appropriate – furniture etc
  • Eco friendly products, dishwashing, hand soaps, cleaning products, rubbish bags, doggie bags etc
  • Replacing furniture, kitchenware only when needed
  • Regular contact with our suppliers to ensure we’re aligned with and have sustainability-based partnerships.
  • Reduce water use, office and holiday homes
  • Reduce waste to landfill, office and holiday homes
  • Reminding guests of Marram’s policies and asking for assistance in not wasting water and efficient rubbish removal
  • Reduce paper consumption
  • Invest in the capabilities and wellbeing of our people to thrive in a digital future
  • Managed retreat from areas prone to flooding or inundation