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Marram Healthcare helps you with all those worrying healthcare expenses, like seeing your GP, going to the physio or replacing your prescription lenses.

Marram isn’t like health insurance – there’s no excess to deduct and you won't be refused you if you already have a health condition. Your partner and children are also included at no cost.

You simply send Marram your receipts and request reimbursement of at least 60% of the cost of most treatments. There’s no lengthy stand-down period either. You can start receiving reimbursements just three months after you begin participating in the community.

With more than $6,400 available to you and your family every year, Marram takes the worry out of staying healthy so you can get on with what’s important – living well and enjoying life.

All this and more and the Marram Board of Trustees only asks you for a contribution of $7.30 per week (less with subsidy).