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Contributing to Marram

To become a Marram Contributor you need to be employed by one of Marram’s Affiliated Organisations.

If that’s you, then all you need to do is sign-up and contribute $7.30 per week to start enjoying all the holiday and healthcare benefits Marram has to offer.

That works out to $14.60 per fortnight or $31.63 per month, depending on how often you get paid.

Some employers will pay part of your contribution for you. (Please check with your employer)

If you work for one of these organisations, your weekly contribution will be even less. If you’re lucky enough to work for an employer that pays your entire contribution, you can take advantage of Marram’s benefits without contributing a cent .

Sign-up to Marram today and get your holidays and healthcare sorted!

You can either sign-up online or download the application form.

If you leave your employment

If you move from one Affiliated Organisation to another, you can keep making contributions - you just have to transfer your details to your new organisation. 

Contact us or complete an application when you start your new job.  Phone 04 801 2920.

Lifetime status

Lifetime Status is given when you were employed by our Affiliated Organisations for at least 5 years, but have now left,  and you made continuous contributions to Marram for the last 2 years of your employment. No further contributions are required.

As a Lifetimer, you don't pay weekly contributions. You only pay when you make a booking and these bookings automatically include the Lifetime Surcharge.

You can use our holiday homes year-in, year-out for the rest of your life.

Please contact us on 04 801 2920 if you aren’t sure you meet the Lifetime criteria .