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Autumn Outlook - Download Here

If you’re thinking about some beach time for your next holiday, then check out the holiday feature on Dunedin.  That’s right - Dunedin! Locals reckon it’s like Bali with wetsuits, and with its many beautiful local beaches, they may be onto something there.

It seems many of us may not be giving our hearts the love they deserve. Statistics show a New Zealander dies as a result of heart disease every 90 minutes and with that in mind we talk to Heart Foundation nutrition advisor Dave Monro about how we can minimize the risk.

Kiwis are being asked to think about the impact they have on the places they visit, and with this in mind Outlook reporters have been talking to GOOD Travel about changing the way we do holidays.

And of course, the magazine is full of Marram news and Marram people, as well as the usual TV reviews.