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Healthcare can put quite a strain on the family budget

But did you know combining your Marram Healthcare Benefits with any existing health insurance policy you hold gives you more options for reimbursement of healthcare expenses and saves you even more precious health dollars?

The two complement each other to your advantage.

There are many reasons it makes sense to combine the two : -

  • Marram reimburses you for day-to-day healthcare expenses – some insurance policies cover only specialist, surgical, hospital care
  • Marram includes partners and dependent children under 18 years for free
  • Existing conditions are included by Marram and there are no embarrassing questions to answer.
  • And submitting healthcare requests is easy with Marram’s online uploading system. You simply send them in and if they’re accepted, the money will be in your account within 10 working days.

To see how you might combine the two, check out Marram's Healthcare Benefits and make them both work for you.

To watch a video on how to submit an online request, click - Online Healthcare Request Video