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Spring’s arrived and so has the latest edition of your Marram magazine

Tirohanga Spring Outlook - Download

Sustainable green tourism – it’s a buzz phrase in these post-Covid times, but what does it mean?

It’s easier to talk the green talk but much harder to walk it, however down in whalewatching country it’s a thing.

Kaikoura’s internationally awarded whalewatching business is leading the way and many local tourism operators are following.

In the Spring edition of Tirohanga OUTLOOK, Kaikoura’s sustainable, green tourism sector is under the spotlight.

Marram’s Financial Report is out and shows Marram is still as relevant as ever.

Clinical psychologist Karen Nimmo talks about taking holidays in a time of Covid.

And one of the whanau tells us why she’s been happy to swap those overseas holidays for nature holidays at home.

For the best Spring read in town - Tirohanga Spring Outlook