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A timely reminder about mental health

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and this year ‘s theme is  ‘Take time to korero’ so let’s chat.

The importance of looking after our mental health is well documented but how familiar are you with the Marram Health Benefits and holidays, and how they can help you do that?

Under the Alternative Therapy benefit, psychologist consultations can be considered for reimbursement @ a maximum $20 per visit to a maximum $200 per family per calendar year.

And consultations and treatments with a registered psychiatrist can be considered for reimbursement @ 60% up to $2500 per family per calendar year.


And we all know the health benefits of a good holiday. Taking a break  from the everyday stresses of modern life in a Marram home has never been more affordable. Check out the 60% discount on  last minute deals booked online between now and 31st October. 

Holiday Deals

Marram has your back when it comes to looking after your mental health.

For more information on looking after your mental health: