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Good news on the health front

If there’s one thing the global pandemic has taught us, it’s to value our health. 

Your latest beneficiary survey showed many are keen for increased family Healthcare Benefit maximums. 

So Marram’s made some changes from 1st April.  You’re going to love them, especially with increased pressure on the household budget.

There's a $100 increase in the family maximums for each of GP Visits, Prescriptions, Physiotherapists, X-ray and Alternative Therapy.

And a new benefit reflecting a growing need for mental health care.  You can now be reimbursed for Psychology Consultations and counselling at 60% to a family maximum of $400 per calendar year (previously only partly included in Alternative Therapy).   
And remember Marram Healthcare Benefits work alongside your health insurance if you have it, to save you even more money. 

Easing the pressure on your family health budget – That’s what Marram’s all about.