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Good news! MoleMap skin check discount extended

The hugely popular MoleMap discount’s been extended until  the 31st  of July due to the high uptake.

More than 180 people have taken advantage of the promotion over the past two months.

As a result 14 skin cancers have been identified. Two Melanomas, 12 basal Cell carcinomas and two Squamous Cell Carcinomas.

MoleMap’s Stephanie Larkin says the extended offer will allow people to secure an appointment given the current four to six week waiting times.

So book now using the code MCHECK22. This lets MoleMap know to apply the discount at time of payment. You can then use your receipt to apply for a 60% of the cost through Marram.

MoleMap’s offering full body mapping and less expensive skin checks at the discounted price.

BOOK NOW 0800 665 362