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Saving health dollars the Marram way

A problem shared is a problem solved. Two heads are better than one.

Terms we’re familiar with but probably not terms that come to mind when thinking about squeezing the most out of your limited health dollars. 

But what if you added Marram Healthcare Benefits to the mix?

Even if you already have health insurance cover, the Marram Healthcare Benefits will work alongside to ease the burden even further.

Your partner and dependent children will also be included at no extra cost, there’ll be no embarrassing questions and pre-existing conditions are included.

All the Board of Trustees asks you to contribute is $7.30 per week, less if your employer provides a subsidy.  

It’s not a matter of one or the other – rather one and the other

For better outcomes combine Marram Healthcare Benefits with an existing health insurance policy and stay on top of the family’s health.